Venom (A.K.A Edward Charles Brock) was a photographer for the Daily Bugle in New York city who was fired for making it look like a man named Emil Gregg was the serial killer called Sin-Eater and when the truth was known after Spiderman caught Sin-Eater, J.Jonah Jamerson terminated Brocks employment at the Daily Bugle. Brock's wife divorced him, his father disowned him and so he left for a church to seek god's forgiveness, he also contemplated suicide but Spiderman was at the same church ridding himself of the alien symbiote with the church bell. it fell from the bell tower and landed on Brock which in turn started to bond to his body. Soon after, the symbiote and Brock has made Spiderman's life a living hell, with it's knowledge of Spiderman's family and even his secret identity.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Wall Crawling:Like Spiderman, Venom is capable of replicating wall crawling.
  • Web Spinning:Venom is also known to produce a sticky like substance from his symbiote, simulating webbing. It is known to hold more and lasts longer than Spiderman's webbing (Spiderman's webbing lasts for 2 hours), Venom's can last 3 hours before it turns to dust.
  • Superhuman Strength:Venom is known to be twice as strong as Spiderman and can lift 11 tons.
  • Enhanced Speed:Like Spiderman, Venom is fast and is faster than Spiderman himself.
  • Immunity to Disease:Without the Symbiote, Brock is very frail due to the cancer that plagues his body, however his symbiote enhances his immune system to resist the disease and other ailments.
  • Superhuman Agility and Reflexes:Like Spiderman as well, Venom also possesses cutting edge agility and reflexes to dodge enemy attacks and even weapons.
  • Accelerated Healing:Venom is known to regenerate any part of his symbiote that is damaged and in turn heals the injuries of Eddie Brock.


Venom, as well as many other symbiotes like him are highly vulnerable to two things, one being sonic vibrations and even sonic weapons. The other weapon is infared heat which lasers and heat vision can provide.